Our Farm to Table Philosophy: 
Good for the planet. Good for the plate. Good for people.

One current trend in the restaurant industry we are closely following here at Serendipity Restaurant is that of “Clean Label” food.

According  to the National Restaurant Association’s most recent annual "What’s Hot Culinary Forecast," natural ingredients / clean menus represent the third-largest concept trend for 2017. Since 2015, in fact, the overarching concern for natural ingredients and minimally processed food has been among the NRA’s top 10 trends.

To a large degree, the consumer demand for transparency is driving this trend. Whether in restaurants or grocery stores, Americans are paying more attention to health and wellness and are looking to purchase foods that are simple, fresh and authentic. They want to learn more about the food they eat - how products are made, where the food comes from and what ingredients are included. To this end, they also want easy-to-understand ingredients on their food labels. 

But since there’s no formal FDA definition for clean label, operators must determine how their customers define it and then source products that meet those guidelines and qualifications. This could include attributes such as natural, organic, minimally processed, non-GMO or “free form claims, including antibiotic free, hormone free or high fructose corn syrup free." 

Here at Serendipity Restaurant, you will experience from-scratch, fresh, made-to-order ingredients combined in interesting ways to give you a one-of-a-kind Door County experience. When you order that salad or appetizer, you can be certain that the flavors you experience are the way those ingredients were intended to be experienced. No dressings from a jar or mixes from a packet or can; no extra preservatives or flavor enhancers. Just good, simple ingredients prepared with meticulous attention to detail. Because we believe that the way food is raised, cultivated, and produced has a direct effect on its flavor and overall enjoyment. We’re committed to providing a unique dining experience based on these principles. Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask your server or host. Our servers, hosts, and chefs have decades of combined experience specializing in putting their skills to the test, putting flavor combinations together, and ensuring that each and every ingredient we put on a plate or every drop of wine we pour in a glass comes from a place that is genuine and honest. Simple ingredients, prepared from scratch, and cooked with skill. No frills, just good food. In our dining room you can relax and prepare yourself to experience slightly unexpected flavor combinations, take in the environment, and be pleasantly surprised that what you’ve found is truly good fortune.

That’s Serendipity.

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