Our Farm to Table Philosophy: 

Good for the planet. Good for the plate. Good for people.

Restaurant marketing strategists like to throw around words like “locally sourced,” “organic,” and “farm-to-table.” Although slightly overused, their purpose is clear: to reinforce the idea that the finest and freshest ingredients are being used in each and every meal.

At Serendipity Restaurant, we certainly take pride in our locally-sourced ingredients, and we also have a few more terms to add. Phrases like “chef-inspired,” and “from-scratch.” That’s right. We take those organic, farm-fresh ingredients and use them as the basis for our from-scratch menu. Virtually everything is prepared on site from scratch: sauces, sides, stocks, bases, dressings - everything. Fresh herbs, sustainable seafood, grass fed beef. Absolutely.

That means each dish is prepared fresh, to order, with simple, fresh, ingredients for a genuine, authentic preparation that brings out all the flavor each and every ingredient has to offer.

We’re proud of our locally-sourced produce suppliers and producers, meaning you’ll experience Door County ingredients the way they were intended with each and every bite. Your expectations will be surpassed and you will be pleasantly surprised that what you have discovered is truly good fortune.

That’s Serendipity. ​​​

The effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something truly wonderful, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated.

Let It Find You.

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